According to Medical Xpress, researchers have discovered a potential treatment for those suffering from the disruptive condition: singing. In a study published in the International Journal of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery, researchers studied 60 patients who were simple snorers and 60 patients who suffered from obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA), a condition that can cause people to temporarily stop breathing during sleep. Over a period of three months, half of the group participated in a series of singing exercises, while the other half of the group did nothing. At the end of the study, the singing group experienced a significant reduction in snoring and an improvement in sleep quality compared to those in the control group, who experienced no change. According to researchers, the singing exercises may help strengthen the weak muscles in the soft palate and upper throat area responsible for causing both snoring and OSA, Medical Xpress reported. Overall, researchers say this new treatment could be a great therapeutic option for the millions of people experiencing sleep disruptions due to snoring and OSA though more changes would be needed to completely eliminate the problem. “It opens up a whole new avenue of potential treatment which avoids surgery, so it is definitely good news for snorers, said study researcher Malcolm Hilton, a consultant otolaryngologist at the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust and sub dean of the University of Exeter Medical School.
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Snoring blamed for most Saudi divorces

Fairbanks, clinical professor of head and neck surgery at the George Washington University medical school in Washington, who organized a symposium on snoring held today at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. ‘Extremely Prevalent Disorder’ ”Snoring is an extremely prevalent disorder which often leads to medical problems” and also disrupts personal relationships, Dr. Fairbanks said. ”It is a complaint which should not be ignored or belittled.” ”We think we are dealing with quite a large and important phenomenon and one we need to address wisely and responsibly,” agreed Dr. Merrill M. Mitler, clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of California in San Diego, who is also director of research at the Scripps Clinic’s sleep disorders center La Jolla, Calif. Both men participated in the symposium and amplified on their remarks in interviews beforehand.
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The other main factors are the external appearance of husbands at home, lack of romance and the influence of foreign media and movies on womens attitudes. Figures by the Ministry of Justice showed there were around 34,490 divorce cases in Saudi Arabia in 2012, nearly a quarter of the total marriages. In some years, the worlds dominant oil supplier had an average one divorce every half an hour, one of the highest divorce rates in the world. Official data showed that in 2010, the Kingdom recorded 18,765 divorces, a rate of more than 35 per cent of the marriages. This is far above the international rate of between 18 and 22 per centin some years, it exceeded 40 per cent in the Kingdom, said Sheikh Saeed Al Yousuf, head of courts in the northeastern Saudi town of Tabuk. In a recent report, the Saudi news network Alarabiya quoted a scholar as saying the introduction of Misyar marriage was a key cause for the surge in divorce rates. Misyar is the main factor.this is because when the mans first wife discovers that her husband married another woman under Misyar contract, he will feel danger and this will prompt him to divorce the second wife easilyMisyar is seen as a temporary marriage and that is why divorce rates have increased in the Kingdom, said Sheikh Mohammed Al Falaj, a family affair consultant. A Misyar contract is a marriage contract where couples can live separately but get together regularly, often for sexual relations.
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